Through the years we've established our commitment to the gaming and geek communities by hosting local events, contributing to charitable causes, and sponsoring organizations that promote the same inclusive ideals we do. And now we can bring that same level of commitment to a global audience through our website, where geeks of the world can unite through the click of a button.

Here at Uncanny! we’ve always prided ourselves on our reputation for excellent customer service, and online will be no exception. We have a Contact Us page for you to send us questions or comments, and you can always follow us on social media to see what we’ve been up to and what we have planned.
You’ll find that our stores carry an incredible selection of geeky clothing, accessories, statues, props, toys, collectibles, games and of course comic books and graphic novels. We’ve covered all the bases so no one gets left behind when it comes to the nerd revolution.

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